Fairvilla University Seminar:
‘Bondage & Rope 201’ 2-9-20 at FVST

bondage and rope seminar

Location: Fairvilla’s SEXY THINGS

7535 International Drive, Orlando

2-9-2020   1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Fairvilla University is proud to present its newest seminar: 

“Bondage & Rope 201”

Interested in upping your bondage skills, holding your partner captive, teasing and playing with them? Perhaps you’d like to be wrapped up and restrained or struggle for your freedom. Bondage and rope is an intimate medium that can be simple and primal or elaborate and artistic. In this workshop, we’ll be discussing the basics of rope bondage, the different types of rope and ties, where to place your rope, and how to create an intimate scene.

Beginning with clear definitions and common ground, this class focuses on teaching basics and how one can have hours of fun through the implementation of a few basic techniques.

  • Negotiating the scene
  • Types of ropes & restraint material
  • Body anatomy
  • Bondage & rope safety
  • Ways to communicate during a scene

Attendees must be 18+ to attend.

Attendees receive 15% off their entire purchase